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London-based GFE escort & companion, Saffron Smith, launches social dates – a perfect solution for this new era of social distancing & beyond!

As with other independent escorts, the easing of lockdown measures has heralded an increase in enquiries to the bat phone. After 11 weeks of lockdown, it would appear that the gentle- and not so gentlemen of the UK are chomping at the bit for the company of luxury companions. For too many people, married and single alike, the past two and a half months have witnessed the driest period in our sex lives since early adolescence, and the feeling that some of us have become extras in the cast of The Inbetweeners – an unnerving plot twist on life becoming “art” becoming life again and the horrifying thought that The Inbetweeners might now be actually having more sex than us (*shiver*).

Interestingly though – and perhaps unsurprisingly – a few of the queries I’ve been receiving of late have been about the possibility of social dates. That’s right: socially-distanced platonic dates. How interesting the times we live in have become, and yet how revealing and reassuring they are of our intrinsic human desire for connection – to see a face, a different face and one that’s not on Zoom. Yes, it’s been fun working from the comfort of our sofas (or suitcases stuffed with duvets in my case), only making an effort from the waist up for work video calls, being freed from office small talk and eating more cheese toasties in the past two months than we did in the previous 20 years but we’re all ready for actual fun now.

Without meaning to sound as though I’m glancing back at the Belle Époque, now, more than ever, many of us are realising how precious our pre-lockdown days were. The immeasurable warmth of seeing someone’s face beaming at seeing you again. Eagerly picking up the threads of the last conversation and weaving it into a new one with stories we entertain each other with. Looking to the other for shared and differing insights and perspectives on what’s going on, and wrong, in the world around us. Laughing at each other’s jokes in a fan club composed of only two members. When you think of it like that, it’s really no wonder that social dates would actually be a thing.

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In fact, one of my favourite memories of last summer was of a social date, when an exceedingly special gentleman took me to see Evita at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. I’ll always remember how magical that evening was – the stage framed by a canopy of trees, dusk gently falling over us and the lights illuminating the night sky. Sigh. Last year also saw me eating my way around London’s Japanese restaurants whilst marvelling at the intellectual brilliance and surrealist humour of the bewitching company I was in.

When I think of it, quite a few memorable experiences I’ve had as Saffron Smith have been social dates and, as this becomes an increasingly sought-after experience, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of new social rates! Of course, until we see the reopening of restaurants, bars, theatres and such like, we will have to become inventive about the kind of fun we create but here are a few ideas – as well as the new rates!

A Walk in the Park | 1 hour | £300

Perhaps you’re back at the office and time-pressed with only an hour for lunch. Perhaps you’re not back at the office but pressed for excuses. Or perhaps you’re such a stickler for rules, you’re sticking to the old ones which only permitted an hour of outdoor exercise. Whatever the case may be, why not grab a coffee together, go for a walk in the park and shoot the breeze for an hour? Chances are it’s just the tonic you need after a monotonous diet of the same faces.

Sandwich me into your day | 2 hours | £450

Honestly, coming up with names for social dates is worryingly beyond my abilities as a writer but, as I always say, why let lack of ability put you off trying?! But whilst we’re on the subject, what’s the point of having names for dates anyway? Is it to add allure, to make things sound less “bald” or more innocent? I have no idea. When I began life as a companion in 2018 though, references to “dessert” on other providers’ rates pages had me stumped. Why casually bring something as important as dessert into conversation and not actually mean it?  Anyway, I digress. You can tell I’ve spent lockdown watching a lot of Seinfeld. So yeah: roll, wrap, burrito, something that at least has the spirit of a sandwich and I will be the Elaine to your Jerry – or another sitcom sidekick to sitcom star – for two hours.

Picnic Party | 3 hours | £550

Luckily, lockdown has coincided with the longest stretch of sunny weather we’ve had in living memory. In a world currently devoid of city breaks and beach holidays, picnics and garden parties are where summer 2020’s at. Let’s take a hamper and blanket to the park, flirt at a one or two-metre distance depending on the applicable official advice, and pretend we’re on holiday for a couple of hours! For trusted clients who are able to host, why not take the party to your back garden with a romantic meal for two and a glass of bubbles?!

Sure, lockdown might have temporarily closed our natural habitats of bars and restaurants but, with some creative thought, it certainly doesn’t need to spell the end of our fun together! For further enquiries about booking a social date (or a regular one), feel free to use my booking form or contact me by email.

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