Saffron Smith

For your eyes only...

One of the most wonderful and treasured people I’ve met as Saffron, commissioned a private photoset and some literotica to, ahem, entertain himself with during the pandemic travel restrictions which temporarily placed our dates on hold. At a time when touch was rendered impossible for us, these media – and the senses they provoked – became our intimate love language and amplified the tension between us so that, when we did eventually reunite, our passion was explosive.

Now, with the permission of this beautiful man and patron of the Saffron arts, if you will, I’m thrilled to share with you an excerpt of the literotica I penned for him. Doing this makes me reflect on how the provider-client relationships and connections we form in this industry are unique. No individual or personality is the same and our interaction and chemistry as a pair is completely different too. And so are our stories; the journeys we take together, as well as the exploration and discovery we make along the way. 

And so, here it is, a story of lust and longing about one of the sexiest men I’ve ever met and the very epitome of what it means to be a gentleman…

Finally, the time has arrived for our third date and I reflect on how I felt when we last parted; a bittersweet mixture of good fortune at having met a soul like yours and sadness at the thought that we might never see each other again. Nearly two years may have passed since we last met but my day-to-day life is dotted with reminders of you and our time together. London Nights sits on my bookshelf evoking memories of our very own London night every time I walk past it. Dinner at Spring, drinks back at your hotel, and our illicit fun afterwards. And whenever I wear the watch you had delivered to my place before we’d even met, I’m immediately transported to that autumnal Saturday evening, and that sense of wonder at having elicited the kind generosity of a complete stranger as well as curiosity at who this incredibly thoughtful gentleman could be.

As our third date approaches, I wonder whether, as with contemporary dating culture, it’ll be the time we seal the deal. My imagination runs wild with the different possibilities and permutations our evening – and morning – could take. While you spend the afternoon of our date in meetings, I pass it relaxing and unwinding at your hotel spa. After a languorous afternoon, a languid contentment flows through my body. I feel at once a relaxed, sensual openness and the electric, carnal yearning that comes from hours of luxurious, decadent pampering. After two years of not having seen you, I know instinctively that our time together is going to be passionately explosive.

Back in the room and time to get ready. I reach for my lingerie bag and out slide the beautiful pieces you gifted me. A stunning satin ensemble and another intricate and delicate lace set. I smile once more at the thought and effort you invest in taking care of others and making them feel special. Selecting the satin number, I luxuriate in the sensation of putting on the lingerie whilst simultaneously imagining you removing it again. I take my time, gently unfurling each nude stocking and smoothing them along my toned legs before snapping them into place with the garter belt. I slip on my stiletto heels and then slowly turn before the mirror. My full, natural DDs fill my black satin bra to the brim, the matching garter belt accentuates my cinched-in waist and womanly hips, and the thong complements my curvy ass. I look approvingly at my reflection and wonder what your reaction will be when you see me.

A quick spritz of Thé Noir 29 by Le Labo, its musky, smoky tones diffusing the air and infusing me with its heady sensuality. All that remains now is for me to put on the dress I’ve carefully chosen for this evening; a figure-hugging red dress which highlights my ample curves and tight physique. Before putting it on, I go to replace the lace underwear in the lingerie bag and my fingers alight upon something else inside. The Womaniser. I bite my lip. Shall I or I shan’t I? Would it somehow be cheating or not? I’ve waited for this moment for so long and can’t wait for my first orgasm to be with you, but then, on the other hand, I just can’t wait.

I feel an overwhelming desire take over my body, a swirling sensation in my chest and my breasts ready to be grasped and squeezed and sucked. I squeeze my thighs together and my pussy is already so engorged and swollen. I make my decision. I pick up the Womaniser, then walk across to the bed and make a mental apology to you – but I just can’t help myself. Lying on the bed, I run my hands across my body and imagine how it will feel when you touch me again for the first time, how you’ll smell, your weight on me, your hardness. My hands stop momentarily on my breasts, tracing circles around them before squeezing my hard nipples through the satin cups of my bra. The back of my right hand grazes along my navel until it reaches the fabric covering my smooth pubis. I cup my vulva with my hand and gently squeeze. My clitoris is so hard, my labia so full, my pussy so wet. I groan. I could cum almost instantaneously but I want this bliss to last.

I make flat my fingers and gently slide them inside my panties and against my slickness, then I hear the door catch. My heart jumps. Before I can get up, I see your image reflected in the hallway mirror, striding towards the bedroom and then,

“Well, well, well. You just couldn’t wait, could you?!”. Your lips curl into a teasing smile and your eyes shine playfully.

The tantalising options which literally lay before you, expand into a myriad of exciting, exhilarating possibilities. When you first embarked upon this secret adventure, it had already felt as though you’d re-taken the wheel, as it were. But now you feel a different kind of creative control and licence, and the power to make our story go in whichever direction you choose. The intrinsic power of that concept both jolts and arouses you; a power that seems amplified by towering over me fully-clothed having “caught” me in flagrante delicto. So what do you decide to do? You pause to savour this moment a little longer and then…

Your London Lover

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Saffron Smith