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Thinking of getting in touch with an independent escort? Wondering how to do it? Then look no further! Saffron Smith has some top tips on how to make a date with an independent escort.

Last week, I had the privilege of seeing one of my favourite clients. Charming, upbeat and pleasant company, our date was so much fun and whizzed by as per usual. There’s many a time when I connect with someone special as a luxury companion and marvel at my good fortune at having even met them to begin with. Yes, I know it’s not unusual to have the experience of being booked as an escort if you’ve advertised on a website for independent escorts. However, what is beyond my control as a companion is who even gets to see my profile, and reaches out to me, in the first place.

High class escorts may have different approaches to marketing – and then, of course, have full control in filtering and screening who they eventually get to see – but, generally speaking, it is the prospective client who initiates contact. Because of life’s lottery – of someone choosing to contact me when London already possesses a plethora of beautiful GFE escorts – I genuinely thank my lucky stars when I meet outstanding human beings in my secret role as Saffron Smith.

That feeling of serendipity or luck is amplified where the date nearly never took place. Perhaps I only got to meet a gentleman because he unexpectedly visited the UK instead of a different corner of the globe he normally travels to. Perhaps his trip to London was a whistle stop tour packed full of work and social engagements with just a narrow window for an illicit encounter with a high class companion. Perhaps he made a chance hashtag search on Twitter, or saw a comment made on another luxury provider’s tweet, or took a sneak peek at an advertising platform he doesn’t usually use. Or perhaps, as with the case of my client – the charming, upbeat, fun guy mentioned in my opening paragraph – there was something a little bit off, shall we say, about his original contact.

Before I go on, it’s important to state that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to contacting escorts – petite escorts, brunette escorts, British escorts, touring and FMTY escorts, English escorts or any other escorts for that matter. All of us have our own opinions about the type of communications we prefer with some views converging and others diverging. So before I caveat everything I write here in the naturally self-editing style of almost everyone I know over the age of 30, let me just say that while the opinions I express here may be shared by many others, they are my own and that my suggestions are just that, too. And so here they are: my suggestions on comms with independent companions.

1. Follow instructions

We are all sometimes guilty of diving into things headfirst, of not reading a recipe through before  attempting to execute it, or failing to read instructions before assembling a piece of furniture. We’re too excited for that dish to land on our plate, or overly confident in our abilities to pull it off, or lack the attention span to read the instructions – or all of the above. But first impressions count, particularly in an industry where the people who populate it necessarily perform perpetual risk assessments as standard. So you’ve come across an elite escort you’d love to see? Great! Then create a positive first impression by doing your utmost to read her website and/or advertisements carefully and reaching out to her via her preferred mode of communication with all requested information. 

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2. Keep it concise – but not too concise

On the spectrum of conciseness, there exist two extremes. On the one end of this spectrum resides the “U avails” and solitary “Hi” and “Hellos” (invariably followed by a series of question marks to indicate that the author deems you lacked the good sense to reply to them in the first place). On the other end of the spectrum of concision, lies the more verbose of messages, the fantasist copy-paste templates sent presumably to every independent escort in the entire universe. One of our tasks as independent companions is to sort out the more serious-sounding enquiries from the not-so. My client top tip would be to think of your initial enquiry as a sandwich (albeit a very sexy one like from the overpriced bakers down the road or Pret’s Hot section). Introduce yourself in the first slice of this metaphorical sandwich (“I’m white and athletic” doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid), use the filling to set out what made you choose to get in touch with your selected high end provider and how you came across their profile, then use the last slice to specify the proposed time, date, duration and location of the booking.

3. Inter-date communications

I have seen interesting discussion on this subject of late. The rate an escort is paid is for her companionship during the time of your date. Unless otherwise specified, it does not constitute payment for an online correspondence course. There are clients who initiate contact only to make dates. There are clients – and independent escorts – who reach out on an impromptu or more regular basis. Perhaps we’re checking in on you (discreetly) to see how an operation went, to find out how your course is going, to wish you luck for a sporting event or because we saw something which made us think of a private joke we share or something we thought suited your personality down to the ground. Everyone has their own approach to communications between dates and there are no hard and fast rules. But for some gentlemen, there may arise confusion between the Girlfriend Experience and actually being someone’s girlfriend. Don’t suck the joy out of the special world we create together by becoming an emotional vampire. In cases like this, you might find it useful to remind yourself that you met through an escort website – not eHarmony or As for the minority of pernicious clients who feel entitled to a provider’s time between dates, who dangle the carrot of financial reward for a future potential date and expect a provider to dance for it? Well, I have no words.

So there you have it, my latest blog post on making a date and general comms with independent escorts. I hope you have found it helpful and, hopefully, a bit funny too.

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