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Saffron Smith is a luxury companion and British escort, companion, courtesan and provider based in London and the southeast of England. You could call her a high class escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Also known as a high class independent escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Although London is Saffron Smith’s home, she is also a FMTY escort, companion and provider and a travel and travelling escort, companion and provider.

Saffron Smith is born and bred British but her origins are mixed and she is an English and Persian escort, companion and courtesan. In that sense, you could also call Saffron Smith an Iranian escort, companion, courtesan and provider; a Middle Eastern escort, companion, courtesan and provider; and an exotic escort, companion, courtesan and provider.

In terms of physical characteristics, Saffron Smith is a brunette escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Saffron Smith is a petite escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Saffron Smith is also a naturally busty escort, companion, courtesan and provider and a busty escort, companion, courtesan and provider. 

Over the age of 30, Saffron Smith would also be widely considered a mature escort, companion, courtesan and provider. She is also an independent mature escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Otherwise known as a mature independent escort, companion, courtesan and provider. 

In terms of services, Saffron Smith offers a vanilla (with speckly bits) girlfriend experience (GFE) as a London GFE escort, companion and courtesan. Or as a GFE escort, companion, courtesan and provider in London. Saffron Smith offers the best GFE in London or the ultimate GFE in London – or what you might also call the best girlfriend experience in London or the ultimate girlfriend experience in London.

Saffron Smith has only been an escort, companion, courtesan and provider since 2018. She became an independent escort, companion, courtesan and provider in the same year. Since then, Saffron Smith has offered her services as an incall escort, companion, courtesan and provider as well as an outcall escort, companion, courtesan and provider. Saffron Smith operates as an incall escort in London and the southeast. Saffron Smith also offers escort incalls in central London. Saffron Smith also works as an outcall escort in London and the southeast. Saffron Smith offers escort outcalls to central London, greater London, London airports and the wider southeast area.

Many people may consider Saffron Smith as an elite escort, companion, courtesan and provider, also known as a VIP elite escort, companion, courtesan and provider. The same people would say Saffron Smith is an upscale escort, companion, courtesan and provider. They would also say that Saffron Smith is a high end escort, companion, courtesan and provider. However, she and her clients would say that whilst Saffron Smith is a strikingly beautiful and highly intelligent escort, companion, courtesan and provider, Saffron Smith is ultimately your down-to-earth, girl next door escort, companion, courtesan and provider.

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