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An Ode to the Dinner Date

In this short piece, London GFE escort and companion, Saffron Smith, pens a love letter to one of her greatest loves: the dinner date.

Dinner dates are my favourite kind of dates – with breakfast dates, brunch dates and lunch dates coming a close joint second. Every species has its own courtship ritual: male bowerbirds construct luxury bachelor pads for their mates, blue-capped cordon-bleu songbirds perform high speed tap dances, male mice sing ultrasonic songs, and us humans have dinner and drinks. It’s not even just the rules, it’s the actual laws of nature. And who are we, as mere ephemeral mortals, to defy them?

While shorter assignations have their own illicit charm, my preference will always be for longer trysts. The best connections take place on different levels: physical, sexual, intellectual and spiritual – to name but a few – and it is the dinner date that lends itself well to forming them. Sharing a bottle of wine and connecting over food offers such a simple and sensorial way of bonding: a time to relax, a time to share a social experience, a time to be ourselves together.

The natural evanescence of pre-date nerves and their replacement with unforced familiarity and growing connection. The peaking of interest: getting to know someone else, feeling intrigue and curiosity, learning some of the ingredients that make up the other person. The building of connection: getting a taste of what we each value in life and making each other laugh. The delicious anticipation of a sensational soirée to come, the exchange of flirty glances and knowing looks. In short: the magic of connection and the creation of a pocket in space and time where nothing else matters beyond the here and now.

As a born and bred Londoner, I consider myself lucky to live in a city whose restaurant scene is nothing short of dazzling. Allow me to play culinary tour guide and make suggestions based on your own palate’s preferences or your aesthetic interests. Place your trust in me and try some of my favourites or, even better, why not explore somewhere new together? My well-researched to-eat-at list includes Pied à Terre – one of London’s longest running Michelin-starred restaurants, Gauthier Soho – the first fine dining restaurant in London to offer a vegan menu, and Nutshell – the latest Iranian restaurant to join the capital.

I know that people who “eat to live” walk among us but as an earthy, sensual, live-for-the-moment kind of gal, I most definitely originate from the “live to eat” tribe – even if my body tells a more slender story. And dinner dates are by far one of my favourite activities. After all, are there any greater combinations on earth than food and sex – or tasting menus and wine pairings?

But enough about why I love dinner dates. What might they be like from your perspective? Allow me to imagine for a moment:

You lift your gaze from the restaurant menu and see me walk towards you. You have been looking forward to this moment for quite some time, imagining what the face behind the blur is like and now that much anticipated moment has finally arrived. The first thing you notice is my confident and graceful gait and, as I approach closer, the second thing you notice is my strikingly beautiful face, the radiant smile I wear and how it seems to fill the room. You look admiringly at my toned physique, casting your eyes over my alluring curves and the way my elegant style appears to wrap them. You return my smile and internally pat yourself on the back for making the choice to get in touch with me.

Greeting each other simultaneously with the zest of new lovers and the familiarity of old flames, you’re instantly set at ease. Almond-shaped, chocolate brown and communicating animation, warmth and interest, my eyes lock with yours. You feel an instant connection and sense its reciprocation. You look approvingly at my natural beauty: high cheekbones, full lips and the clear, caramel complexion you’ve seen in my photos and feel intense attraction. You think of some of the more revealing of my pictures and smile to yourself about the secret we already share and the secrets we’ll share later.

Perhaps you’ve just read what I’ve written here or perhaps you’ve also followed me on Twitter, but my writing and humour have piqued your interest, you’ve a strong feeling we’re going to get on but you’re intrigued to see just how well we’ll connect. All your expectations are exceeded. Our date reminds you of how essential it is to enjoy authentic connection, to be with someone who is at once interested and interesting, to feel connected to the present and yet also somehow feel as though you’re taking a mini-vacation from your everyday.

My easy laugh enchants you. My natural interest and unfeigned curiosity engage you. My looks enrapture you. You wonder why we didn’t meet sooner. So what are *you* waiting for? Go to my website booking form or craft an introductory email and let’s begin penning our very own story.

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